Terms of sale and payment

1. Limitation of liability

​1.1 After the third-party risk of the object sold to the buyer has exceeded, the seller won’t take any responsibility for loss on operations, profits or other indirect losses in occasions of delay or missings with the sold object.

1.2 The following circumstances result in freedom of responsible for the seller provided they prevent the fulfillment of the deal or make it unreasonably troublesome: Industrial dispute and any other circumstance, which the sides can’t predict or control, such as fire, exchange restrictions, riots or disturbances, lack of transportation vehicles, normal shortage of goods, restrictions of motive power as well as shortages at or delay of deliveries from the seller’s supplier/sub supplier, which is caused by some of the circumstances mentioned above.

2. Responsibility for causation of damage on the delivery (product liability)

​2.1 The buyer must hold the seller indemnified in that extent the seller is imposed responsibility towards the third party for such damage and loss, which the seller according to head 2.2 and 2.3 isn’t responsible of towards the buyer.

2.2 The seller is not responsible for damage caused on the sold item:

a) On real estate or movables which are set in while the material is in possession of the buyer.

b) On products which are manufactured by the buyer or on products where these are featured, or for damage on real estate or movables where these products followed by the sold product causes.

2.3 The seller is not responsible for operating loss, loss of profit or other economical losses.

2.4 The seller is only responsible for personal damage if it’s proven that the error or neglect is committed by the seller or other s which seller holds the responsibility for.

2.5 The mentioned limitations in the responsibility of the seller won’t apply if the seller has been convicted in negligence of the sold item.

2.6 If the third party puts forward requirements against one of the parties about responsibility for compensation or replacement referring to this head, this party immediately has to inform the other.

Paying requirements for workshop: 14 days net cash

Paying requirements for renting: Paid cash by delivery

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