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TLF: 58 38 32 57 – E-mail: leif@llp.dk 

MOBIL: 20 32 32 57


TLF: 58 38 20 01

MOBIL: 27 63 33 36 – E-mail: lone@llp.dk 

LLP Vemmelev ApS

LLP Machines was founded July 20th 1989 by Lone & Leif Petersen. In 2014 the LLP Machines merged with LLP Vemmelev ApS.

LLP Vemmelev is a well reputed company within the field of smith and chip removing. We’re 17 employees in total. We draw and manufacture special machines after request of the customer.

We pretty much do all forms of sub-supplier work, including welding in wrought iron, stainless steel and aluminum. Within chip removing we offer a Cad/Cam production on advanced CNC machines within turning as well as milling. We have a great reputation locally as well as nationwide and internationally.

This reputation builds on high quality to a reasonable price, and with a reliable service policy where all deals are kept. We happily look forward to an eventually upcoming cooperation, if you think your company may benefit from our company profile.​

​LLP Vemmelev ApS

v/ Leif Petersen

Industrikrogen 3

4241 Vemmelev

Phone: 58 38 32 57

Mobile: 20 32 32 57

E-mail: leif@llp.dk 

CVR-nr.: 33637683​

LLP Maskinudlejning

v/ Lone Petersen

Industrikrogen 3

4241 Vemmelev​

Phone: 58 38 20 01

Mobile: 27 63 33 36

E-mail: lone@llp.dk 

CVR-nr.: 11086748​