Turning – milling and smith’s work

LLP Vemmelev ApS – turning, milling and smith’s work

The illustration shows one of our large turning lathes which is able to complete work items of up to a diameter of ø900 and lengths of up to 5500 mm externally and 4500 mm internally.

Turning, milling and smith’s work

Various turning, milling and smith’s work in stainless steel and black, also any task within the food and catering industry.

We offer the following services

Tos turning lathe 550/800 1 item

Ø900 L=4500 mm internal

Ø900 L=5500 mm external

USSR L=350/550 mm 2 items

Ø400 L=3500 mm

USSR ø0-350 mm L=1000 mm 1 item

Vilh. Pedersen LTD Miller 1 item

Table length L=1000 mm

Hortensal & Horisontal

Traub Turning Centre

LLP Vemmelev ApS offer CNC milling and turning tasks which demand the most exacting precision. The work is accomplished by means of our CAD/CAM controlled chip-removing machine.​

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