LLP Vemmelev ApS can now, with their acquisition of our new CNC machining centre, offer to perform precision work of all kinds within milling and turning.

It would therefore give us great pleasure if your company wishes to make use of the new features and opportunities provided by LLP.

We’re willing to manufactures samples free of charge for your appraisal. This can form the basis of reaching a final price.

We are reknowned for our high quality workmanship and competetive prices within the company’s field of expertise.

This is a claim we will garantee for any task that can be completed by our new machining centre.

  • Machine data FADAL
  • Table size 1029 x 508
  • Travelling on x-axis 762 mm
  • Travelling on y-axis 508 mm
  • Vertical movement 607 mm
  • Weight on the level 1900 kg

In expectation of any future cooperation please accept our warmest greetings.

​LLP Vemmelev ApS

v/ Leif Petersen

Industrikrogen 3

4241 Vemmelev

Phone: 58 38 32 57

Mobile: 20 32 32 57

E-mail: leif@llp.dk 

CVR-nr.: 33637683​

LLP Maskinudlejning

v/ Lone Petersen

Industrikrogen 3

4241 Vemmelev​

Phone: 58 38 20 01

Mobile: 27 63 33 36

E-mail: lone@llp.dk 

CVR-nr.: 11086748​